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3.1.2013 – 3.7.2013 Featured Topics:

Cuban Transition, Arrest of Gordillo, Turmoil in Colombia

Cuban Transition
Cuba leader Raul Castro says new term will be his last (LAT)
Helms-Burton law has a lot of requirements for normalizing U.S. relations with Havana (Miami Herald)
Cuba-watchers split on announced leadership changes (MH)
As Castro Era Drifts to Close, a New Face Steps In at No. 2 (NYT)
Cuba’s apparent successor to Castro was carefully groomed (LAT)
The new man (The Economist)

Gordillo Arrested in Mexico

“The Teacher” in detention (The Economist)
Head of Mexico’s powerful teachers union arrested (LAT)
Arrest of union boss rivets Mexico
Anuncia la CNTE que aportará pruebas contra Elba Esther
 (La Jornada)
Powerful Mexican Teachers’ Leader Accused of Embezzlement (NYT)

Chavez Very Sick

Venezuela’s Chavez Undergoing ‘Tough’ Chemotherapy, VP Says (Reuters)
Maduro y Capriles ya visten el traje de candidatos presidenciales (El Pais)
Canciller venezolano pide dejar a Chávez ‘tranquilo’ en tratamiento
 (El Tiempo, Colombia)

Coffee Strikes in Colombia

Los productores de café ponen en jaque al gobierno colombiano (El Pais)
The black stuff (The Economist)
Sectores de cafeteros, en paro pese a propuestas del Gobierno (El Tiempo, Colombia)

And in other news

Everybody is upbeat on Mexico — except Mexicans (MH)
El Poder Judicial que quiere la Presidenta (La Nacion, Argentina)

Chile - Arg.

Backed up at the Chilean – Argentine border

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