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Is Bolivia’s catch-up growth here to stay?

Daniel Lemaitre on the practicality of Evo Morales’ economic vision 

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Brazilection 2014: Postgame analysis: double down Brazil-style

No Se Mancha’s Brazil election specialist  João Schlüter concludes his election coverage by analyzing the narrow victory of Dilma Rousseff over Aécio Neves.  

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In the FT: Five Steps to Kick-start Brazil

No Se Mancha’s Cornelius Fleischhaker and Samuel George’s joint editorial Five Steps to Kick-start Brazil in the Financial Times beyondbrics blog.  

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Brazilection 2014: October Surprises?

João Schlüter with the very latest from the Brazilian presidential election which will take place on Sunday, October 26. 

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Brazilection 2014: Latest polls: A final momentum shift?

João Schlüter with a polling update and his call for the Brazilian presidential election. Share your views in No Se Mancha’s internal poll below. 

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Marcos Moura and Ana Murgel on a new film coming out of Brazil

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Brazilection 2014: Don’t faint! This campaign is close and dirty

João Schlüter on the Brazilian presidential campaign as it hits the final stretch. 

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