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Brazilection 2014: Postgame analysis: double down Brazil-style

No Se Mancha’s Brazil election specialist  João Schlüter concludes his election coverage by analyzing the narrow victory of Dilma Rousseff over Aécio Neves.  

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Brazilection 2014: October Surprises?

João Schlüter with the very latest from the Brazilian presidential election which will take place on Sunday, October 26. 

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Brazilection 2014: Latest polls: A final momentum shift?

João Schlüter with a polling update and his call for the Brazilian presidential election. Share your views in No Se Mancha’s internal poll below. 

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Brazilection 2014: Coming full circle

No Se Mancha’s Brazilian insider João Schlüter  gives his predictions days before the first round of the presidential election this Sunday. 

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Brazilection 2014: From Adverts to Insects, the Battle is On

As the Brazilian election campaign goes into the final stretch the outcome remains highly uncertain, reports No Se Mancha’s Brazilian insider João Schlüter. 

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Electricity Consumption in Brazil: An October Surprise?

Energy analyst and wannabe Chilango Jesse Rogers on the risks to electricity shortfalls over the coming months in Brazil.

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