In the FT: Five Steps to Kick-start Brazil

No Se Mancha’s Cornelius Fleischhaker and Samuel George’s joint editorial Five Steps to Kick-start Brazil in the Financial Times beyondbrics blog.  

You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it. I thank you all

You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it. I thank you all

Hey folks, check out Cornelius Fleischhaker and Samuel George‘s new piece for the Financial Times‘ beyondbrics blog entitled “Five Steps to Kick-start Brazil”

The money graph:

Brazil’s impressive progress means it can no longer stimulate growth by helping families afford a refrigerator—they have one now and do not need another. Brazil’s new middle class needs better jobs, more skills and a dependable economy. By implementing these recommendations the second Rousseff administration could kick-start the process.

Check out the entire piece online here


Q: Will I have to log in to view this post?

A: Yes

Q: That sounds annoying.

A: Profoundly so.

Q: But will it cost money?

A: Not a cent.

Q: And it probably doesn’t take toooooo long to log in?

A: About 10 seconds.

Q: Couldn’t you just tell me what the five ways to kick start Brazil are?

A: No because we want you to go to the FT blog to generate clicks.

Q: But seriously, we’re talking about a country with a population of 200 million people, and I feel like you are holding out on me. Can’t you just tell us the five ways to kickstart growth?

A: 1. Fiscal Rebalancing
2. Stabilize the Macroeconomic Foundations
3. Closing the Infrastructure Gap
4. Educating a 21st-Century Workforce
5. Trade and competition

Q: Sounds kinda thin.

A: Read the article.

Q: Ok, but what can I do to show my gratitude for sharing the five?

A: Share our article via social media. Sharing is caring.

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