Latin America News Flash

3.24.2013 – 3.31.2013

American Press

A Once-Vibrant City Struggles as Panama Races Ahead on a Wave of Prosperity (NYT)
New Leader Taps Mexican Discontent to Press Agenda of Change(NYT)
Staking a Claim in South America (NYT)
Police Storm Squatters at Rio Stadium Site (NYT)
In Pope Francis, other faiths see a friend (WaPo)
US on verge of momentous Cuba decision: Whether to take island off controversial terror list (WaPo)
US aids Honduran police chief despite death squad claims; assures Congress he was cut off (WaPo)
Mexico president: Judge my anti-violence strategy in a year (LAT)
At Guantánamo, captives, war on terror devolves into fight over food (Miami Herald)
Havana diplomats at UN try to block Yoani Sanchez news conference (MH)

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