‘Pumas del Pacífico’, versión latina de ‘tigres asiáticos’

Ahora en español

Ahora en español

For some time, Bertelsmann Foundation Project Manager and No Se Mancha co-founder Samuel George has argued that a new set of leaders is emerging along Latin America’s west cost. Sure, the Pacific Alliance gets the headlines, but this is about more than free trade: its about stable macroeconomics, is about improving democracy, its about finally addressing poverty.

Strong, agile, ambitious, and eschewing the limelight, we have dubbed them “The Pacific Pumas”, and the phrase is catching on, especially where it maters most, along Latin America’s Pacific coast.

For example, see this article from Colombia’s top economic newspaper Portafolio:

‘Pumas del Pacífico’ versión latina de ‘tigres asiáticos’

Ya los pumas hablan español


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1 Response to ‘Pumas del Pacífico’, versión latina de ‘tigres asiáticos’

  1. Cornelius Fleischhaker says:

    Very fitting to use the logo of the “Pumas de la UNAM” – mascot of the national university of mexico – which is a pacific puma itself…

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