Latin America News Flash

Got Beef?

Featured in this week's roundup: Brazilian Protests, Argentine beef decline

Featured in this week’s roundup: Brazilian Protests, Argentine beef decline

A round up of the week’s best LATAM journalism & commentary
6.16.2013 – 6.23.2013 Continue reading →

Brazil has beef…
Bus-Fare Protests Hit Brazil’s Two Biggest Cities (NYT)
Protesters rally near stadium of Confederations Cup opener in Brasilia (WaPo)
Land in Brazil: Farmers v Amerindians (The Economist)
Las protestas callejeras se extienden a 23 ciudades de Brasil y saltan al exterior (El Pais, Spain)
Rousseff, recibida con silbidos en el estadio de Brasilia (El Pais)

Dilma gets jeered at a football stadium in Brasilia

Argentina has less beef
Argentina Falls From Its Throne as King of Beef (NYT)
El fin de un reinado: la Argentina exporta menos carne que Paraguay (La Nacion, Argentina)
Los asados de ayer: El nacimiento, auge y declive de la comida nacional (Brando, Argentina)

Don't worry--there is still plenty of meat in Argentina

Don’t worry–there is still plenty of meat in Argentina

Something else to chew on…

Ecuador Legislature Approves Curbs on News Media
Guardians of Peru’s Treasures Stake Out Post Office to Block Smuggling (NYT)
To Avoid Crime, Venezuelans Run Together (WaPo)
Panama’s boom helps drive Nicaragua’s dreams of building a new trans-ocean canal (AP)
Nicaragua canal project is approved despite few details (LAT)
Former Mexican official’s boasts add fire to corruption probes (LAT)
Andres Oppenheimer: U.S. techies heading to Latin America (Miami Herald)
YPF negocia con Petróleos de Venezuela la explotación de Vaca Muerta (El Pais)
La masacre de ocho policías conmociona a Guatemala (El Pais)
De la Calle le dice NO a las Farc. ¿Por qué? (Semana, Colombia)

Cabello y Maduro introduce arms control in Venezuela

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