Latin America News Flash

...we didn't see it coming either

…we didn’t see it coming either

A round up of the week’s LATAM journalism & commentary
6.23.2013 – 6.30.2013

This week from No Se Mancha
The Gringo’s Guide to Demonstrations in Brazil
Reimagining the Debt Crisis: Latin America and Europe in Conversation
Istanbul & São Paulo: A World Apart, a World United
The Piñera Presidency: A Most Successful Failure
Ecosystem Services and the Panama Canal

The Eyes of the World on Brazil…
Despite Assurances by Brazil’s President, Another Day of Demonstrations (NYT)
Brazil’s president pledges to hold dialogue with protesters (Reuters)
Brazil protests tap into frustration of have-nots (LAT)
Brazil’s leader again reaches out to protesters (LAT)
Protests in Brazil: Taking to the streets (The Economist)
Protests highlight grievances of Brazil’s emerging middle class (Miami Herald)
Protestos no Brasil: Qual é o futuro do movimento? Conter a violência é o principal desafio? (O Globo, Brazil)
Termo ‘Dilma’ divide opiniões na rede (O Globo)

Photo from No Se Mancha Contributor Joel Covelli. Once he gets his article together, it figures to be dope.

Photo from No Se Mancha contributor Joel Covelli, currently on the ground in Brazil. Once he gets his article together, it figures to be dope.

…yet the rest of o globo keeps spinning. 
Mexico Pursuing Vanished Victims of Its Drug Wars (NYT)
Helicopter Crashes in Nicaragua With Senior Officers on Board (NYT)
Uruguayans decide if abortion goes to referendum (Miami Herald)
Snowden in South America? (Caracas Chronicles)
Gobierno venezolano guarda silencio ante posible llegada de Snowden (El Universal, VN)
Entrevista a Presidente Humala  (El Pais)
El tráfico de armas de EE UU hacia Centroamérica, un misterio en expansión (El Pais)
La conexión Pacífico-Atlántico (El Pais)
Adiós Globovisión (El Universal, Caracas)
BID: banca de desarrollo mexicana, en últimos lugares de AL y El Caribe (La Jornada, Mx)
Diez economistas que juegan fuerte en las legislativas (La Nacion)

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