Sketches of Areco by Sofia Mussari

Images of the Pampa from an Argentine photographer 


After a week of being lost in Buenos Aires meeting with the presidential campaigns, economists and ghosts of the past, I needed a breath of fresh air, and I hopped a bus for San Antonio de Areco.

My friend was like “Yeah, there is nothing to do there.” And I was like “Yeah, sounds like I’ll love it.” From bucolic countryside to dusty gaucho bars (which the regulars endearingly referred to as boliches), I found a beautiful little place to get lost. In a rather eventful period of 20 hours, I met a number fascinating characters–all very hospitable to a Quilmes-drinking gringo.

One of them, Sofía Mussari, I later learned via social media, is an exceptional photographer. So I was like, “Yeah, maybe I can put some of your photos on my blog” and she was like, “Yeah, we could probably do that.”

Below I have posted some photos she has hand picked for us…


































































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The Photographer:

Sofía Mussari

Sofía Mussari

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