Jam of the Week

2.26.2013 – 3.5.2013

Bob Marley – War / No More Trouble

In her new editorial, Natalia Lozano writes that Colombia must move from fighting war for peace to using peace for peace. Maybe this should be the soundtrack.

Incidentally, the selection raises a debate we have had internally here at Se Mancha – Is Jamaica part of Latin America? The academic answer appears to be no – the country is rarely included in LATAM studies or syllabi. This would seem foolish. While English is, in fact, not a Latin language, Jamaica shares significant history and culture with other countries in the region. Perhaps most damaging, when it is overlooked by LATAM folks, it is often overlooked altogether. Its story should be taught alongside that of Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti. One way folks try to skirt this issue is by speaking of Latin America and the Caribbean, as if they were two different things. This too, would seem foolish, unless one is prepared to argue that Cuba is not part of Latin America.

What do you think?

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