Latin America Newsflash

The Drama Continues



A round up of the week’s best LATAM journalism & commentary
6.2.2013 – 6.9.2013

Everywhere is War

Concern Grows as Group Disappears in Mexico (NYT)
En tres estados buscan a los desaparecidos (El Universal, Mexico)
El Salvador: Doctors Can Induce Birth to Save Woman, Official Says (NYT)
Cuba Says Venezuela’s Spat With Colombia Could Hurt Peace Talks (Reuters)
Deadly Honduras Counterdrugs Operation Raises New Questions Regarding U.S. Role (Global Research)
Bolivia: Amid Gas, Where Is the Revolution? (NACLA)
Chile Judge Orders Hunt for Poet’s Alleged Killer (AP)
Chile hosts conference on drug policy reform (Santiago Times, Chile)
Costa Rican Environmentalist Found Dead (AP)
Guatemalan region militarized following dispute around Canadian-owned mine (WaPo)
Lawyer: Jailed Dutch killer Van der Sloot to marry Peruvian woman (WaPo)
Costa Rica first detected Liberty Reserve’s money laundering activities in 2009 (WaPo)
Mexico’s economy: Reality bites (The Economist)


…y en español

Los mareros se cansan de la guerra (El Pais, Spain)
El radicalismo de baja intensidad de Mujica (El Pais, Spain)
Las cifras del drama colombiano (Semana, Colombia)
Crisis con Venezuela: ¿se desactivó la bomba? (Semana, Colombia)
Ultimátum del campo al Gobierno: “Si esta semana no hay respuestas, se vienen las protestas” (La Nacion, Argentina)
En la villa 31 se venden casas a US$ 1000 el metro cuadrado (La Nacion, Argentina)
Venezuela: Fallecidos votaron en 2010 y 2012 (El Universal, Venezuela)
Venezuela: “Es imposible que por mi cabeza pase la idea de golpe de Estado” (El Universal, Venezuela)

"What I erected with superhuman effort will drown in the muck of rebellion." S.B. 1829

“What I erected with superhuman effort will drown in the muck of rebellion.” S.B. 1829

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