This Week in Latin America

What’s Good in the Hood

The family of tortured Chilean folks singer Victor Jara demands justice

The family of tortured Chilean folks singer Victor Jara demands justice

This week from Se Mancha

Riding Shotgun (Natalia Lozano)
Pimp My Rainforest (Alex Rosen)
TPP and the Pacific Alliance: Two Visions of Asia-Latin America Trade (Theodore Kahn)

…and from around the region

Protests Fill City Streets Across Brazil (NYT)
Obama Tries to Soothe Brazil and Mexico Over Spying Reports (NYT)
Forty Years After Coup, Pinochet Again Divides Chile (NYT)
Chilean’s Family Files Suit in U.S. Over His Torture and Death in ’73 (NYT)
Vatican Removes Its Envoy to Dominican Republic (NYT)
Street justice from vengeful ‘Diana’ in Ciudad Juárez (WaPo)
In boost to Mexico’s president, education plan approved (WaPo)
Mexico’s left wages campaign to derail Peña Nieto’s agenda (LAT)
Venezuela’s leader blames right-wing saboteurs for power outage (LAT)
Two malls tell a tale of Venezuelan capital flight (MH)
Colombian president’s poll numbers sink amid strikes, other woes (LAT)

Argentine advertisement: Porqué creemos que hablamos portugués

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