Africa Reina – “Azul” (Cuban Woman Sings Acapella)

From the Crossroads Archives: Havana, Cuba, 4.2015

In April 2015, I had the chance to interview Cuban hip-hop artists Obsesion in Havana for The Crossroads: Cuba series. Africa Reina, a mutual friend, joined us for the interview and gave this powerful performance off-the-cuff as we were setting up.

En abril 2015, tuve la oportunidad de entrevistar a Obsesión, un dúo legendario de hip hop Cubano en La Habana para la serie The Crossroads Cuba. Africa Reina, una amiga mutua, presente en la entrevista, nos compartió su talento cantando esta canción improvisada mientras nos preparábamos para la entrevista.

See photo essay from the Cuba trip HERE

And stay tuned for THE CROSSROADS CUBA Coming Soon!!!!!

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