This Week in Latin America

Whats Good in the Hood

Long shots

Long shots

A round up of this week’s LATAM journalism and blog posts

This Week in Se Mancha

What’s Up, Family? Europe and Latin America Today (Samuel George)
Bolivia Increasing Trade Flow with the Heavens (Alex Rosen)
Libra out of balance – International oil companies indifferent to Brazilian pre-salt oil (Cornelius Fleischhaker)
Argentina Misunderstood? (Joel Covelli)
Class Dismissed: Brazilian Police Abandon Protocol During Teachers’ Protests (Marcos Moura)

…and from around the region

Soda and snack firms battle obesity crusaders in Mexico (WaPo)
Tangled U.S.-Mexico ties on display amid spying outrage (LAT)
For Migrants, New Land of Opportunity Is Mexico (NYT)
Crime in Mexico, Out of sight, not out of mind (The Economist)
Mexican Writer Mines the Soccer Field for Metaphors (WaPo)
Where basketball is played barefoot, and leads to a way out (WaPo)
7 killed in prison riot in Mexico’s gulf coast state of Tamaulipas (WaPo)
1 Dead and 40 Hurt in Mexican Candy Factory Explosion (WaPo)
Latin America Brings Up Its Dead, Seeking Truth to Help Settle the Past (NYT)
Brazil’s oil auction, Cheap at the price  (The Economist)
After Twitter parody goes viral, Brazil leader meets her doppelganger (LAT)
Brazil seeks UN resolution to guarantee Internet privacy amid anger over US surveillance (WaPo)
Brazilian police say protesters beat up officer, stole his service pistol (WaPo)
Brazil: Consortium Wins Oil Rights (NTY)
Argentina’s Ailing President Faces Tough Midterm Congressional Election (NYT)
An Odd Alliance in Patagonia (NYT)
To Venezuelans, Heir of Chávez Is a Poor Copy (NYT)
Colombia Ex-Leader Uribe’s Movement Names Candidate for President (NYT)
Corruption in Peru Aids Cutting of Rain Forest (NYT)
Peru vows to investigate report of massive dolphin slaughter (LAT)
Panama Says It Will Release Most From Ship to North Korea (NYT)
Dominicans of Haitian Descent Cast Into Legal Limbo by Court  (NYT)
Cuba’s currency, Double trouble. (The Economist)

Argentines will have their say soon enough: Mid-term elections are due this week

Argentines will have their say soon enough: Mid-term elections are due this week

…and in Spanish

Venezuela a la deriva (Semana)
Maduro crea un Viceministerio para la Suprema Felicidad (Semana)
El uribismo elige a Óscar Iván Zuluaga candidato presidencial (El Pais)
El horror de los niños mercancía en Colombia (El Tiempo)
ONU denuncia narcoturismo en Medellín (El Tiempo)
Los médicos de Ecuador protestan por las penas a las malas prácticas (El Pais)
Argentina empieza a votar la nueva formación de su Parlamento (El Pais)
Cristina Fernández, la gran ausente de la jornada electoral (El Universal)
Brasil y Alemania lideran en la ONU una iniciativa sobre espionaje (El Pais)
Rousseff , “la conservadora” (El Pais)
La economía mexicana, del ‘mexican moment’ al frenazo (El Pais)
Tiroteo en una zona en tensión por narcos y autodefensas en México (El Pais)
La CIDH, la esperanza de Puracal para reformar el sistema judicial en Nicaragua (El Pais)

Narcotourism in Medellin: What could go wrong?

Narcotourism in Medellin: What could go wrong?

Last week in Latin America

Thanks to Natalia Lozano for the update

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